Sonographer and Patients

scanThere are many facets for you, there’s dealing with patients, there’s dealing with the work setup and then there’s dealing with the equipment. All of them require learning, all of them require you being present but the fantastic thing is when you show up in that moment when you believe in what you have to offer, it is amazing how a work environment can transform with no extra effort , you, your supervisor, the patient can all have an opportunity to really appreciate the process. That’s how I can see sonographers truly stepping into the role as diagnostic sonographer being in a position of understanding contributions and then being able to put forward the conversation with whoever is involved with how the money is set up to say I deserve compensation and relations with what I contribute but it boils down to know what you offer, offer it with great passion and continue to learn.


What I have seen is it is amazing when people commit to their workspace. You don’t have to commit 24 hours a day, you need to commit while you are there and offer feedback on, this is really works for me when this work flow is happening or here is something that we can add in. One of the other things I hear from sonographers is there is a big capital outlay put on acquiring equipment for hospitals. Some have got input as to the acquisition process some don’t but they often go well I have nothing to do with it. But if you’re the one working on it you need to let the people involved know that it matters. At this point it may not be possible in your current situation or they may not even realize that you actually have an opinion that varies between each machine. Make a point speak up believe in what you are doing, know that what you’re doing is having an impact and continue to improve.

Is Sonographer a Technologist?

Everything they don’t want to be and yet that’s how they operate so what I see is many sonographers say treat me like a diagnostic medical sonographer acting like a technologist, what’s the difference?

sonographer It’s coming back to knowing what you offer meaning do you come in and merely take pictures or are you actually coming in doing diagnostic ultrasonography, understand what you’re looking for and sharing those results. It’s very easy to say hey I’ve been doing this a long time I deserve more are you doing 20 years of the same first year you came into the field or have you continued to expand. What is so many people is they think they’re improving but I actually don’t see them challenging their status quo. They’re still operating as if they’re fairly new or a little bit better; I see people at these conferences and they’re taking their credits that’s what I understand, you have to take credit on a regular basis but I don’t see many of them doing something stretching themselves going beyond the status quo. There’s a really interesting piece in the development in any of our careers, often we think it happens to us and yet we’re the only persons that’s resident within our careers.

One of the other things I see in a work environment is people look to the supervisor to make all the decisions to create the environment as to how things are going to operate. What I’ve come to understand is we need good leaders and we need good followers. A good follower is there to do, provides comprehensive feedback on what’s working what’s not. This is not bellyaching this is not criticizing you need to speak up so if there is something about the way things are reported, or what equipment people are working on you actually need to be involved in that and I know in the health care setup it’s very demanding there’s a lot of work it feels like there is limited opportunity speaking to it but what I’ve come to see across all industries is we need good leaders, good followers and what makes up that population is people believing in what they are doing, they need to speak honestly and they need to speak out and if they got an issue they need to speak directly to the supervisor. They need to speak directly to the people actually making the decisions not leave work and have a conversation with one of their co-workers to kind of get it out. That’s dead conversation, not good for the person having the conversation, it’s not good that it’s not brought up in the work environment.

Sonographer’s concerns

One of the common concerns among sonographer is being recognized for our skills and impacting diagnostic ultrasounds. Most sonographers feel underpaid for their contribution.

What do sonographers need to do to receive what they believe they deserve?
That is a really powerful question and it’s a common question within ultrasound from what I can see and in any career. When I look at it in my coaching practice it really boils down to three things know what you offer, building what you offer and continue to improve your offering.
My experience I’ve had the opportunity of doing keynote at a few ultrasound conferences and in discussions with the various ultrasound people, what I have found is many of them want to be recognized for being diagnostic sonographers and yet what I watch is they carry themselves like technicians.

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